Colors of Hunan
New photo exhibition ready at Teda Art studio from Marts 20th 2014 – please come check it out.

Impressions from Kashgar and Yarkand
Selected photos from this trip was displayed at the opening of TEDA Art Studio September 2013.

Please join us for an evening with great friends and great travel stories.


First photo contest – 2nd prize
November 30. 2012

My photo: ‘Old men watching the world go by’ won 2nd prize in Tianjin Plus’ 2012 December Issue. The photos was taken in Geguzhen i September. Prize: Dinner for two at a restaurant in Tianjin.

See my photo in between the 1st and 3rd prize on the magazines webpage

old men watching the world go by

I sold my first photos
Sep. 11. 2012

Saturday I joined the Craft Fair at TEDA International School with my photo-friends.

For the last two weeks we have been working to get our favorite shots printed, some on canvas, some on a shiny film and some on regular photopaper. It has been a fun and educational proces.

Being at the fair was nice. Fun and interesting to see other peoples reaktion to our photos. And – dadaaa – we all sold a little bit. I sold 16 of my small black and white prints. So who cares if all buyers were friends of mine… I am still happy. Somebody actually payed me money and took home some of my photos :-D.

And maybe there is more news to come. A few people have showed interest in our photos and would like to display them in their restaurants here in TEDA. Iwill let you all know, when that happens.


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